Thursday, August 25, 2016

Treats & Sweets Halloween Candy Tote

I first painted a tote like this about twenty years ago, when I first got into decorative painting.  I love everything about the Halloween season, & I loved this tote.  I gave it away to a relative, & I've regretted it ever since.  Especially since I've visited said  family member many times over the years, including the Halloween season, & sad to say, the tote hasn't made an appearance for many many years.  Taught me a lesson on who to give my beloved handcrafted items to!

Anyway, being the organized type A person that I am, I held on to all my patterns from previous projects, & I vowed to make this Halloween tote again, for me!  I even recycled this wood tote, having picked it up in a yard sale a few years ago, specifically with this project in mind.  Hopefully I'll have it finished up soon, & will post the final result!

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