Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall exploded...

...all over my birthday cake!  Isn't it gorgeous?  Had the most awesome & amazing surprise 60th Birthday Party on Sunday, given by my beautiful daughter, Lauren,& son-in-law, Pat! Thank you so much, Lauren & Pat, for all that you did, as well as thanks to my sister, Mary Ann, who's pulled pork was so delicious, Cecilia, who outdid herself with her delicious gluten free gnocchi & other wonderful food she made, Valerie, who made the most gorgeous & yummy gluten free cake & cupcakes, & Chara-Lee, who helped with the decorating! I was so completely surprised, & so happy that friends & family took the time to come celebrate with me! It's a day I'll never forget!

And it was all gluten free!!!

My three adorable grandsons, 2 year old Lucas, 4 year old Wesley, and 3 year old Gavin!

My daughter's beautiful back yard, with a view of the lake!
My two bff's from high school, Debbie & Sue

My daughter knows me & my love of Disney World well!

Notice the cute little Mickey head hidden amongst the flowers!

No explanation needed!

Me with my babies!  Mike, Lauren & Joe

More beautiful back yard pics!
It was such a pretty day!

My sweet niece & chef, Cecilia, and sister-in-law, Patty
The little guys helping mom mom blow out her candles!

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